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Placement & Teaming

Intuitive tools that help you get the right people in the right places, ready to take on any initiative. Make collaboration agile and adpatable.


Easily & quickly build the right teams

Partnr's Teaming & Allocation tools enable you to identify experts in and around your organization, and move them from project to project as you see fit. Put people in the right places and enhance your business results.  

Robust Filtering System

Set filters around projects and business intiatives to see who has the right skill sets and expertise to make up the team.

Set results metrics

Set detailed results metrics for all projects and track your achievements by team, individual, or vendor.

Create placement plans

Plan for your future by building people plans based on business needs, project plans, or experimentation.

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Skillsets & Expertise
Productivity & Results
Headcount Visualization

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Interactive Profiles
Goals & Milestones
Automated Reporting

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Filters & Segments
Results Tracking
Placement Planning 

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Real-time Recognition
Transferable Profiles
Directories & Groups

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Rethink people. Grow business.

"The most successful and innovative companies of the future will master the power of people: employees, freelancers, everybody." - Deloitte