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People Analytics

Finally, get past surface level information and get deep on understanding the skills, expertise, interests and all contributions done in and around your business.


A fresh take on people analytics 

Partnr's People Analytics uses advanced machine learning to get underneath the surface of your organization and deliver simplified insights to help managers and executives understand the true power of your total workforce. Make better people development, project allocation, promotion, and hiring decisions.  

Visualize your workforce

Bring your business metrics and people data to life with interactive reports and visual dashboards - no analytics experience needed.

Customize Every Report

Included are several pre-built templates that you can customize to your organization. Slice and dice your people data to get as granular as you need in answering key questions.

Inform Strategic Decisions

Elevate strategies and innovation at your organization by knowing exactly who is best to share meaningful insights on projects and initiatives.

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Rethink people. Grow business.

"The most successful and innovative companies of the future will master the power of people: employees, freelancers, everybody." - Deloitte