Unleash the power of your people

Partnr uses powerful people data to give you true visibility into every corner of your business. All you need to deeply learn, evaluate, and place your people faster, easier, and better.

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Get people smart

Imagine with a click of a button you unlock powerful insights that enable you to see and understand all the skills, expertise, and contributions within and around your company.

Nuture your workforce

Imagine having interactive employee, independent contractor, and vendor profiles that help you give powerful and regular 1:1’s and development meetings.

Plan for the future

Imagine having the tools needed to place the right people on the right projects and enhance business results. Measure results and draw correlations back to individual contributions.

Become people-centric

Imagine each unique individual feeling motivated to do great work because they have a platform that turns their contributions into verifiable assets that they can take throughout their career.


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See how your company can rethink people to get the right results. 

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Develop a high-performing, curated workforce

Your greatest asset, your organization’s biggest investment, is your workforce. In a hyper competitive market, Partnr enables you to make people decisions based on facts and intelligent predictions - not hunches and seemingly educated guesses.


Skillsets & Expertise
Productivity & Results
Headcount Visualization

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Interactive Profiles
Goals & Milestones
Automated Reporting

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Filters & Segments
Results Tracking
Placement Planning 

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Real-time Recognition
Transferable Profiles
Directories & Groups

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People CRM

Fit to your business

Employees, freelancers, contractors, partners, vendors everyone in one place.

Interactive Profiles

Know your people

Profiles and files that go beyond titles and emails with customized data.

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Discover new insights

Bring to life new insights that help you identify resident experts, and more.

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Tie it all together

Connect the tools and services you use to pull in information and take action from one place.

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"The most successful and innovative companies of the future will master the power of people: employees, freelancers, everybody."

- Deloitte

Rethink people.
Grow business.

Master the power of people, master growth. Onboard your organization today to take your workforce to the next level.