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Workforce Development

Build stronger relationships with employees, independent contractors, vendors and more with gamechanging automated tools.


Elevate your culture with better tools 

Partnr's Workforce Development combines performance management & CRM functionality to help managers and exectuvies better evaluate and nurture your entire workforce and lead productive development meetings.   

Automated Interactive Profiles

Bring your business metrics and people data to life with interactive reports and visual dashboards - no analytics experience needed.

Track Goals & Milestones

Included are several pre-built templates that you can customize to your organization. Slice and dice your people data to get as granular as you need in answering key questions.

Customize Individual Reports

Elevate strategies and innovation at your organization by knowing exactly who is best to share meaningful insights on projects and initiatives.

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Skillsets & Expertise
Productivity & Results
Headcount Visualization

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Interactive Profiles
Goals & Milestones
Automated Reporting

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Filters & Segments
Results Tracking
Placement Planning 

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Real-time Recognition
Transferable Profiles
Directories & Groups

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Rethink people. Grow business.

"The most successful and innovative companies of the future will master the power of people: employees, freelancers, everybody." - Deloitte