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Engagement & Incentive

At last, a powerful enterprise system that all your people will use and love.


Enable people to build their personal brand

Partnr is designed to be a platform that provides an extraordinary amount of value to both your organization and every individual that works with you. Empower your employees and independent contractors to build a personal brand that helps them grow their career in your organization and in life.

Customizable Profiles

Give your people the ability to show who they are with a fully customizable profile that captures and verifies all the work they do.

Real-time Recognition

With the click of a button, give recognition to teams and individuals for their contributions. Show the whole company via e-mail or Slack.

Transferable Data

Give your employees tangible assets by enabling them to easily transfer a limited view of their contributions to personal accounts.

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Skillsets & Expertise
Productivity & Results
Headcount Visualization

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Interactive Profiles
Goals & Milestones
Automated Reporting

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Filters & Segments
Results Tracking
Placement Planning 

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Real-time Recognition
Transferable Profiles
Directories & Groups

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Rethink people. Grow business.

"The most successful and innovative companies of the future will master the power of people: employees, freelancers, everybody." - Deloitte