Our Vision

To reinvent careers around people, not jobs.


Our Story

We started Partnr with the belief that careers should be designed around who you are and what you love, not the jobs you can get. Our mission is to empower people to complete their life’s work with the world’s best interactive professional tools. We are a team of diverse dreamers and go-getters that have come together under the mantra: Do What You’re Made For.


Do what you're
made for.

Our Values


We have clear intention for what we do and are connected to something greater than ourselves.


We courageously stand in our truth, own who we are and respect one another for both our similarities and our differences.


We are creators, innovators, leaders, and self starters. We try new things, challenge convention, and we're not afraid to fail.


We never settle. We get it done and get it done well. We're persistent and do everything in our control to make amazing ideas come to life.


We know we're all human and better together. We have empathy and look out for one another as we bring our unique skills together to solve big problems.


We are thankful for our unique talents, our work and each other. We are happy to be alive and the ability to help people Do What They're Made For.


Join the team

Our diverse team is made of dreamers and go-getters that have come together to manifest our mantra: Do What You're Made For. If you are a developer or designer, shoot us a note. 

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Press & Media 

For more information on what Partnr is, our mission, team, and what makes Partnr so special. Send us an e-mail and we can get that information back to you as quickly as possible. 


Deck™ by Partnr

We launched Deck™ Fall 2018 with the mission to help people better present ideas to the world. Our team of strategists and designers help build you a winning deck in just a few clicks.

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